You might have noticed that a lot of the most Pinterest-worthy nurseries these days have one thing in common: they look just like the bedroom you’d love to have. Go ahead and make it a room that you’ll love— after all, you and your babe will probably be spending some pretty serious QT in here.  

1. Go neutral 

There’s lots of ways to do this right. Even if you want to have a colorful nursery (we love a pop of bold color!) you can anchor the space in neutral or monochrome hues. Using pinks, blues, greens and reds in significant quantities can make the nursery feel outdated or busy. Save those for the details instead.

2. Have fun with artwork 

The nursery is your place to experiment with fun and whimsical artwork that you might not choose for other rooms in your home. Don’t restrict your choices to art that is specifically geared toward babies. The sky’s the limit – choose something you love to look at, and your baby will love it too. 

Nursery artwork above crib

3. Incorporate unique details

Choose accessories with a story. Maybe it’s something inspired by your love of traveling, the great outdoors, a special heirloom or vintage piece. Hand woven baskets are a beautiful and functional solution for toy storage and handmade pillows or textiles add a splash of color and whimsy without being too childish. Thoughtful details will help you tie the nursery in with the rest of your home, and are much easier to transition as baby grows.  Shop our collection of Indian hand-block printed crib sheets.

Mom playing with baby girl lying on blue patterned crib sheet

Want more ideas?

We’ve rounded up some great looks on Pinterest and Instagram – follow along for never-ending inspo for designing your own unique space!

October 03, 2019 — Hope Lobkowicz

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