Profits to the Planet: Why Orcas

Kindred is donating 100% of profits on orders placed April 21-April 22nd to non-profit Wild Orca. While there are many exceptional organizations to donate to, I made the decision to select one that is local to my region and is fighting for an urgent cause near and dear to my heart: protecting orca whales here in the Pacific Northwest.

While orca whales live all over the world, the southern resident orca population make their home in the waters of the Puget Sound in the summer (their entire feeding ground spans from Vancouver Island, Canada to Monterey, CA). They feed almost exclusively on Chinook salmon, iconic in the Pacific Northwest, but a quickly vanishing resource. Heartbreakingly, the orcas' dependence on salmon means this population of orcas is critically endangered: scientists believe them to be starving. Their plight from historically low salmon runs is compounded by toxic pollution and climate change.  Two years ago, the southern resident orcas made international news when scientists tracked a mother orca carrying her dead calf with her for 17 days. It terrifies me to know that there is a chance these incredible whales may gone within my lifetime. 

Wild Orca is 501(c)(3) that is fighting for the orcas by advocating for policy solutions ranging from dam removal to improved salmon fishery management to help the population rebuild.  I'm grateful for all that they are doing and look forward to supporting them this Earth Day and in the future. Their website has a wealth of information about the orcas and the challenges they are facing, including some that might surprise you (as they did me). They also have links to various petitions and political actions you can take, so I encourage you to check them out and get involved!



April 22, 2021 — Hope Lobkowicz

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