There are now several baby registry platforms out there making it easy for moms to curate a collection of favorite products or services from all over the web, including small independent brands. In my book, this is nothing but a huge win for small businesses that are making responsibly-made, sustainable, and organic baby products that aren’t sold at major retailers!

If you want to add one of Kindred’s sheets or blankets to your baby registry, I would suggest using either BabyList or Amazon’s Universal registry.   

Pink girl's nursery


Visit the BabyList site to simply add a button to your browser’s bookmarks bar. Once that’s done and you’ve signed up for a BabyList account, come back to Kindred, find the product(s) you'd like to add, and just click the BabyList button that you’ve saved to your bar.


Go to this site to install Amazon Assistant, which works pretty much the same way.  You can install the Assistant for different browsers, then come on back over to Kindred and pick the item you'd like to add.

Organic Indigo dyed baby quilt


Whichever option you choose, building a customized registry with your hand-selected products for your family and friends to choose from all in one place is pretty great.

If you’re waiting to learn the gender of your baby, you can still add stuff to the registry in advance. Kindred’s prints in light gray, black and white, and mustard gold are solid gender neutral crib sheet choices. We got you, mama. 

Happy registering!

July 08, 2019 — Hope Lobkowicz

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